About us

In the shipping industry since 1994, our company continued its activities as a founding partner of the Black Sea transportations and gained the knowledge, experience, Delta has provided transportation.

As is known, the ground transportation is one of the most important branches of the services sector; a special expertise, business contacts and require the presence of a professional staff. Time management is just as important to do properly given quality service.

Quality service, fast and safe delivery, storage and transportation of products in Delta marine issues has focused yourself for success with all the staff.

Besides all this, brought about by the innovations of the time by following its disposal a fleet of company Delta transport vehicles and other equipment, increasing the equipment is surely the path continues.

40 trucks and 40 Trucks in the fleet as essential. C-2 has the capability of document.

In a way by increasing our portfolio of satisfied customers our goal is always to provide stable and consistent professional service for our customers.